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In country of extreme diversity and differing landscapes, Chile’s forests are home to some of the oldest, tallest and most exceptional tree species in the world.
In the words of Pablo Neruda, “He who has not visited the Chilean forests, hasn’t experienced this planet.” In Chile, you can find the second largest temperate forest in the world. It can also lay claim to incredible biological diversity, such as a number of native trees that can only be found in this country’s unique ecosystem.
According to a report made by Conaf in 2011, arround 18% of Chile’s national territory is comprised of native forests and another 4% of foreign tree species, including the eucalyptus tree and the Douglas fir tree. It is believed that these percentages could increase in the future.  Keep reading at:

Red wood Chile

Alerce Andino National Park, Lake  – Volcanoes District Patagonia, Chile

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