The Chilote Culture at Patagonia Chile

Chiloe Island travel

Curanto at Chiloe Island

One of the most emblematic festivals took place in the Island of Chiloe towards the end of February, the “Festival Costumbrista Chilote”.

The activity was concentrated in the Municipal Park of Castro , located at the highest point of the city, place where every year 28 thousand people arrive to enjoy this traditional festivity.

56 gastronomy modules, 14 farm work modules, in addition to the over 120 stands with a biodiversity of products and 25 culinary specialty stands, just to mention some.  All of them participated in this great gathering, privileging the Chilote culture and identity as the main objective, reinforcing and bringing self-worth to the community, showing their particular idiosyncrasy.

The “Festival Costumbrista de Castro” is a faithful representation of the insular culture, and one of the most important festivities in Chile concerning culture, concentrating thousands of people that value the identity of a nowadays globalized world.

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