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Santiago Chile from San Cristobal hill

Santiago Chile from San Cristobal hill

Mercer conducts its Quality of Living survey annually to help multinational companies and other employers compensate employees fairly when placing them on international assignments. Employee incentives include a quality-of-living allowance and a mobility premium*. Mercer’s Quality of Living Reports provide valuable information and hardship premium recommendations for over 440 cities throughout the world; the ranking covers 230 of these cities.

Mercer considers factors such as climate, disease and sanitation standards, ease of communications, and physical remoteness that can often affect the success of a foreign assignment. They also consider local political and social environment, political violence, and crime.

In South America, Montevideo (78), Buenos Aires (91), and Santiago (93) are the highest-ranked cities, whereas La Paz (156) and Caracas (179) rank lowest.

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