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Isla Pascua Moai Chile

Isla Pascua Moai Chile

Chile will be creating a marine reserve around the iconic Easter Island. The marine reserve, designed to cover 631,368 square kilometers, will be the largest one in the Americas and the third largest in the world.
The plan will push through after a government consultation with the indigenous Rapa Nui people on Easter Island. If approved, the marine reserve will close the waters from fishing, an effort that the government hopes will keep illegal fishers away. However, local fishermen will be allowed to fish up to 50 meters from the coast.

President Michelle Bachelet also announced the recently established marine reserve around San Ambrosio and San Felix islands, known collectively as the Desventuradas or the Unfortunate Islands. The new marine reserve covers an area of 297,000 square kilometers and is home to many endemic species, such as the Chilean sandpaper fish and the Juan Fernandez fur seals, according to National Geographic information. Together, the protected waters around the Desventuradas and the Eastern Island would cover more than 1,000,000 square kilometers.

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