Puerto Montt city: The start of something new

Friendly sea lions in Angelmó Chile

Friendly sea lions greeting our travelers

Puerto Montt, the capital city of Los Lagos Region is a frequent starting point for travelers venturing into southern Chile. South of this city, the coastal mountain range sinks into the ocean and creates thousands of small islands and inlets named the Austral Channels.
Located just over 1,000 km south of Santiago, Puerto Montt was founded in 1853 by Vicente Péres Rosales at its current location on Reloncavi Hill, a strategic location between Llanquihue Lake and the channel that separates it from the island of Chiloe. It is an active port, in large part due to the productive salmon farming industry. The city’s downtown area attracts visitors with a giant sculpture of two lovers which commemorates a popular song. The city is also the starting point of numerous routes to the south in Aysén and Magallanes Regions.

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