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Castro Palafitos, Chiloe, Chile

Castro Palafitos, Chiloe, Chile

Having witnesses a seismic event measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale on Christmas Day, tourism authorities in Chile have been quick to state tourism in the destination is unaffected.

With an epicentre at Quellón, to the south of Chiloé Island, the affected area is more than a thousand kilometres from the nation’s capital of Santiago.

As a standard preventive measure in the wake of an event of this magnitude, the authorities ordered an evacuation of the region’s coastal areas due the potential risk of a tsunami.

However, this warning was rescinded at 19:00 on December 25th, with the entire country returning to normal.

Citizens and tourism services located on Chile’s coasts are fully prepared for this type of situation, with a rapid response to the tsunami warning.

From Chile’s far northern destinations in Arica & Parinacota Region through to its southernmost reaches, the country’s tourist sites were not affected.

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