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At the beginning of the year, The Telegraph published a list with the 20 destinations to visit in 2017. Chile took the first spot on the ranking, above countries like Canada, Spain and New Zealand. The English newspaper highlighted the diverse geography of our country as well as our national parks that showcase these contrasts. In addition to this, the list made reference to the wine culture of the country and emphasized the different tours that can be taken around Chile’s wineries.
On the other hand, the New York-based magazine Travel and Leisure highlighted the country’s culinary offer in their article “The Foods you Have to Eat in Chile”. The list recommends different dishes that reflect Chile’s rich gastronomy, among those the traditional empanada de pino stands out, alongside other preparations typical of particular areas of the country. Such is the case of the Patagonian soup, a dish prepared with seafood that comes from the southernmost parts of the country.

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