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When we go on vacation, we can always record images of landscapes that we visit close to the horizon line, therefore, we can only see a part of them. But, what would happen if we had the opportunity to see all the landscapes from another perspective, almost touch the waters of rivers and lakes, or go through the monument of La Portada in Antofagasta? This is possible now due to the “Chile with different eyes”, which seeks to show the country from different angles and also show unknown places. This is done with the aim of giving Chile’s identity a new depth.

The person responsible for this project is Ariel Marinkovic, photographer, journalist and director of X-Cam, an air services agency in charge of registering different photos and videos of different places for a number of clients. One day, Marinkovic began touring the country and filming his different landscapes from the heights using drones. The idea of the project came after seeing all the material filmed and thinking that it would be great to create a bigger project about Chile, he told the Cooperativa radio station.

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