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The last island of Patagonia, before the ice cold seas that divide the American continent from the Antarctic, is the southern Navarino Island. Being the home for the main towns in the Tierra del Fuego Archipelago, the island has become the place where most people have settled in the Antártica Chilena Province and the Cape Horn commune. A land at the end of the world, that hides and preserves huge green areas that are essential for research and the biosphere.

At the end of our territory, the geography stands huge and proud. It is worth admiring the Dientes de Navarino mountain range, named due to its teeth shaped hills, that together with lakes and other natural landscapes of Tierra del Fuego, form the well-known most southern trekking of the world, that welcomes professionals and amateurs of extreme sports each summer.

In 2005, Cape Horn was named a Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO. Besides from becoming the most southern reserve in the world, and the only one including also maritime areas, the territory acquires more and more relevance as it forms a wide area of sub-antarctic forests that, mostly, have not been intervened and are protected from the human hand.

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