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One of the islands of the Juan Fernández Archipelago, Robinson Crusoe is one of the most famous among this group. It used to be called “Isla Más a Tierra” (Closer to Land Island), due to its distance from continental Chile, but its name changed after the popular novel by Daniel Defoe, “Robinson Crusoe” was published. The book told the story of a man that shipwrecked on a south-pacific island. The novel was based in the story of Alexander Selkirk, who inhabited the island for many years.

Nowadays, its population doesn’t reach the 1000 people, but it constantly receives national and international visitors that want to know more about this beautiful and historically important place. A destiny far away from the busy life in the cities and filled with places to explore.

Among the most popular activities in the island we can mention the different trekking routes that do not require any special training. The most popular sites on this routes are the Selkirk lookout, from where it’s possible to see the whole island, providing a view from different angles. “Plazoleta El Yunque” and “Salsipuedes” are the names of two popular paths of the island. These paths allow to discover the unique forests of Robinson Crusoe, appreciating its flora and fauna; such as the endemic birds that nest in the archipelago, for example the Juan Fernández firecrown.

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