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64 km from the city of Coyhaique, in the heart of the Carretera Austral, the Cerro Castillo National Park spans 179.550 hectares of not only wild and extreme nature, but also preservation areas for important species of flora and fauna.

Thousands of years ago, in what it’s now the national park, the land was completely covered in glaciers. After they melted, valleys and trails began to appear, and they are now living proof of the passing of time through its natural, geological and volcanologist changes.

Since 1970, year in which this area received the title of National Reserve, Cerro Castillo has transformed into the best place for spotting huemules. Despite being a protected species and in danger of extinction, the population of huemules in Cerro Castillo has been constantly increasing. They can often be seen on steep hillsides, usually near rivers, or sometimes they get close to the roads and trails. Other species that live in the area are the guanaco, the culpeo fox, the Andean long-clawed mouse, the condor, the puma, the pudú and the colourful kingfisher. It’s impossible to ignore the beautiful landscape of the region, with native forests filled with lenga beech and coigues.

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