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In the southernmost regions of the national territory there are two areas widely known for being two of the biggest ice sheets in the world; outside of the polar territories; the Southern Patagonian Ice Field and the Northern Patagonian Ice Field.

These huge ice fields are remains of what once was the Patagonian Ice Sheet, that covered great part of the Chilean and Argentinian Patagonia during the last ice age, also known as the Llanquihue glaciation. Due to different climate changes, this big sheet started to break and transformed into the two ice fields that we currently have.

Located in the Aysén Region, the Northern Patagonian Ice Field it’s the third biggest ice layer in the world, comprising a total of 4.200 square kilometers. This area has a total of 28 different glaciers, the most popular ones are the San Quintín and the San Rafael, located near the Pacific Ocean. It also includes other small glaciers, such as the Nef and the San Valentín, whose job is to feed the rivers and lakes that are found in the region.

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