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Funicular railways of Valparaíso


The capital of the fifth region, Valparaíso, is nationally known for its cultural, historical and heritage values. Its hills invite us to discover them and to fall in love with the different works of arts that cover its walls and stairs. A city that has known how to keep its essence, despite the passing of time, and it has become one of a kind.

In 2003, the historical center of the city was declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO, organization that decided to highlight the different and unique aspects of Valparaíso. Its architecture influenced by immigrants and developed according to the geographical aspects of the city, unique landscapes, a vibrant artistic scene, and means of transport that definitely don’t go unnoticed, such as the trolley and funiculars, internationally known as funicular railways of Valparaíso

It was after 1883 that the authorities decided to implement a new way of moving around the city, in order to lighten the burden of those inhabitants that had to walk dozens of steps to reach the city’s center or walk back to their home. Around 30 funiculars were created, which were located in different parts of the city.

They are currently 16 funiculars throughout the city, all them declared Historical National Monuments, but only 7 of these are working. Due to the great value of these lifts, authorities are currently undertaking the restoration and modernization of 9 of them, while also maintaining the unique elements of each of them.

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