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Chilean Patagonia is worldly known for its beautiful landscapes that captivate everyone that comes to visit; enormous and dense forests, imposing mountains that seem to be sculpt by hand and ancient glaciers surrounded by beautiful lagoons. Though it is one of the most popular places to visit within the national territory, it is necessary to have always in mind that it is also the home for hundred of animals, that make this land even more special.


Guanaco: This animal can be found in the higher areas throughout the whole territory. Patagonia is where you can find them in higher numbers, as it is a protected species in many National Reserves. This camel-like species can grow up to 2 meters high, and usually have a very friendly personality.


Puma: Popularly known as the Lion of the Americas, there are many sub-species of this animal living throughout the whole American continent; but it is the Puma concolor puma the one that chose Chile as its home. In this category it is possible to find the Puma concolor patagonica, or Patagonian Puma, and the Puma concolor pearsoni, or puma of the Patagonian steppe. These two subspecies have developed to adapt to the cold southern weather and are considered among the biggest natural predators of the area.


Huemul: One of the national symbols of our country, this deer-relative can be found throughout the whole southern Chilean territory, but most part of its population is in the Patagonia. It belongs to the list of endangered species, therefore protected in 13 parks and National Reserves in our country.


Pingüino de Magallanes (Magellanic Penguin): This small bird nests exclusively in the shore and islands of the Chilean and Argentinean Patagonia. This specimen is about 35 cm height and it only weights around 3 kl. Its feathers are mainly black in the back and white in the abdomen. Although it does not have the ability to fly, it is a great swimmer as most of penguin species.

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