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Located 145 km from Arica towards the Altiplano, I arrived at Putre, where the time will be read, and the constructions of the XVII century, like its picturesque church.

Magnificently located at 3,500 meters above sea level, below the Altiplano, and framed by the Tarapaca volcano, Putre reaches 5,775 meters high.

This picturesque town, considered one of the Chilean gems, was founded by the Spaniards in the year 1580, on what was an old Inca place, as a passing city on the route of exchange of precious metals between Potosí and Arica. Today its colonial atmosphere remains as if time had stopped.

It gathers all the services that the tourist needs, from accommodation to trekking, cycling and mountaineering activities. The gastronomic offer is also present, where the meat of camelids, quinoa, potatoes, chuño and rice stands out.

As all the people of the altiplano also have time for carnivals, the most important is celebrated in the month of February. On August 15 tribute is paid to the Virgin of Carmen and in November to the procession of Cristo Rey.

It is possible to appreciate buildings of the 16th and 17th centuries in its streets, houses flanked by stone portals and historical buildings such as the stone church built in 1670 that stands out for its ostentatious decorations during Holy Week. Some of its streets even show pre-colonial constructions as the superficial drainage channels.

Putre is also the starting point for excursions to the Lauca National Park, known for its famous twin volcanoes of perfect cones and for the Chungará Lake, the highest located lake, 4,750 meters, in the world.

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