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Located in the Lauca National Park, in front of the Chungará Lake, distant 192 kms. from the city of Arican volcanic snowcaps formed by the Parinacota volcano of 6,342 m.s. and the Pomerape volcano of 6,282 m.m., both from the Quaternary period. The slopes of both volcanoes have a gentle slope, not exceeding 45 ° inclination. This last characteristic has to do with a flow of foreign visitors, motivated by climbing, especially in the months of July to September. volcanoes average from 1 to 5 ° C, the maximum temperatures rise to 20 ° C, the relative humidity is 40% and annual rainfall between 200 and 300 mm. Church of Parinacota Parinacota church (M.N), is located in the middle of the town, is surrounded by a stone wall covered with mud and painted white bofedal lime.

Once two tribes became enmity. Constant fights, arguments and altercations over the lands where they lived made their coexistence unsustainable.

The Prince and the Princess of the respective towns walked by those places and of surprise they were. It was the moment when both were struck and so began the love of one for the other, and became much more important than the conflicts that their peoples had.

When this romance came to be known among their families, they could not understand what was happening. The hatred that existed made it impossible to see that this relationship would bring peace and the union of the peoples.

The councilors of each tribe tried to advise, to prevent these two princes from maintaining this relationship of lovers, through magic, and other juggling, however, they were not successful.

The love of this couple was so great that even nature felt sorry for them. The clouds and the moon started to cry. The wolves howled and the storms fell on the lands, this was the warning of the gods for both tribes.

While the nature overturned its force towards both towns so that they changed of attitude, the heads and priests realized all class of contraptions to break with the love of the young people. So futile were the efforts, that the priests decided to sacrifice them so that they would never be together again. This murder happened on a moonless and very dark night.

And once again the force of nature was present, and it rained and rained for many days and many
nights The rains were increasingly intense and accompanied by thunder and lightning ravaged the region until no one was left …

As a result of the floods, the tribes disappeared and instead of these, two beautiful lakes appeared, where the two princes were finally seen passing by in small canoes together.
The lakes created by the heavy rains were called Chungará and the Cota-Cotani. And next to these and as a tribute to the love of these two princes, appeared in the place two tombs that are the two volcanoes: The Parinacota and the Pomerame.

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