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Easter Island, also called Rapa Nui, is surrounded by 887 monumental statues known as Moai all wrapped in mysticism. The people, the landscapes and all the history harbored by the island will show you one of the most profound cultures of our country.

We are here to tell you the places you must get to know. There are regular direct flights to Easter Island from Santiago, Papeete and Lima.

Hanga Roa

This is the largest town you´ll encounter on Easter Island; all tours and excursions start from here. All level accommodation is available, but you´ll need to make reservations far ahead of time, as capacity is limited.

We recommend walking around the town, visit the Moais, and taste the typical fresh shellfish and fish such as mahi mahi, sawfish or kana kana. Traditional cuisine to enjoy is the Umu Rapa Nui or “curanto pascuense” baked in a stone or earth oven.

Anakena Beach

An exquisite white-sand-beach, turquoise water and enormous coconut palm trees. This is a place to rest and enjoy sunny days.

History recounts it as the landing spot of the first King to arrive on Easter Island, Ariki Hotu Matua, and the birthplace of the peoples and culture of Rapa Nui .

This is the place of the Ahu Nau Nau, a platform of 7 Moais looking out to sea.

Ahu Tongarki

Fifteen Moai statues await your visit to contemplate the sunset. The largest Ahu of the island stands in the same location, an absolute must-see for all visitors. Moais are monolithic, carved from a single volcanic stone block of large dimensions, only found on Easter island. These guardians are set a kilometer away from the Rano Raraku volcano, at Hotu-iti in the Rapa Nui National Park.

Rano Raraku Volcano

This is an unbelievable location! The Rano Raraku volcano crater is the main Moai quarry and one of the most impressive archeological sites in the world. You will meet one of three fresh water lakes on the island surrounded by several Moais; one over 21 meters high, with an estimated weight of 270 tons. It´s a mystery: were those Moais left there for a specific purpose, or did they fall from somewhere else and remained stuck there?

A trekking path along the edge of the crater will take you to see various archeological finds. Several of the most famous Moais are found outside the quarry, immersed to their shoulders.

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