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The routes offered by this destination are endowed with a beautiful geography and fertile plains destined to the cultivation of vines and papayas mainly. The lands of the outstanding national poet Gabriela Mistral have a great cultural interest, due to the presence of sectors of great archaeological interest. With an ideal landscape for sports and recreational practices next to nature, the area is another favorite among tourists visiting Chile. In addition, its beautiful blue skies make astronomical observation possible. Therefore, the destination has scientific facilities, such as the Mamalluca Tourist Observatory and the Cerro Tololo Observatory, the latter equipped with modern technology. On the other hand, meditation and reflection are another of the offers of destiny.

Are you a nature lover and are you looking for a different rest experience? Then, venture to the Elqui Valley. Visit one of the most important valleys in Chile, where the production of wines such as Syrah and Carmenére stands out.

Walk its hills planted with vineyards and visit the small towns that for years have combined agriculture with tourism. Get to know Vicuña, the city where the poetess and Nobel Prize winner for Literature Gabriela Mistral was born and take advantage of tasting the typical gastronomy in sophisticated restaurants or picturesque food places.

If you like to test your senses, visit the pisco processing plants, where you can learn about the whole process of making this distillate of grapes, tasting and shopping.

For lovers of sports and adventure, the valley has trekking routes, horseback riding, trails for bike rides and jeep tours.

Do you need a moment of total relaxation and complete disconnection? Take advantage of the healing energies that are attributed to this area of ​​Chile and try alternative therapies such as reiki, meditation and massage that the valley keeps for you.

To complete this trip, once the night falls enjoy the wonderful views of the stars in Valle del Elqui: the first International Shrine of Dark Skies of the World.

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