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At the foot of the Osorno volcano (2661 m) and the entrance to the Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park. After 35 km more, in the sector of La Picada, we began the 5-6 hours ascent in the Osorno Volcano in the Desolation Pass. Throughout our tour, we identified numerous species of forest plants and wildlife.
At the lookout (1100 m) we take a break to rest, eat and take pictures. Enjoy the panoramic views of Calbuco, Puntiagudo, Tronador, Volcanoes Yachts, the Patagonian Cordillera of the Andes and LLanquihue and Todos los Santos lakes. Then it begins with the canyon crossing the areas of black ash brought down by the melting of the glaciers.

The Osorno volcano is located 47 km northeast of the city of Puerto Varas, and on its western flank, just 11 km from the crater is the town of Las Cascadas. It is a composite stratovolcano belonging to the South Volcanic Zone of the Andes, and in conjunction with the volcanoes La Picada, Puntiagudo and Cordón Cenizos. The upper part of the volcanic building is covered by a glacier that, despite its retreat, represents a significant volume of water for the generation of lahars, with about 0.14 km3 of ice.

Its eruptive activity began in the Middle Pleistocene about 200,000 years ago building a stratovolcano immersed in the ice field that dominated the landscape during the so-called Santa Maria Glaciation, eroded deeply during the terminal phase of it.
The historical eruptive activity of the Osorno volcano has been characterized essentially by episodes of low explosivity, among which the fissural eruption of 1835 AD stands out. The weak fumarole described since the beginning of the 20th century under the ice of the summit seems to have been attenuated at present.

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