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Chile Wine Regions Map
Chile Wine Regions Map

I like wine, because wine is good and if it’s Chilean, it’s better. ” Check out this famous saying by visiting the wide range of wine valleys and be surprised by their applauded tannins. Come to Chile and live an intense experience in flavors!

Start by tasting the white wines of fresh climates from coastal sectors of the country. Be dazzled by the beauty of Casablanca’s vineyards and the rainbow of colors that give the tonalities of its different vines.

Discover the secrets of the many vineyards of the central valleys, taste the fermentation of their wines directly from the barrels and rediscover the Carménère coloring that was believed to be extinct on the planet. Learn the history of each preparation from the mouths of its own winemakers.

The incredible reds of the robust Cabernet Sauvignon of the Colchagua Valley and its surroundings. Fruitful valleys in good wine, the most demanding palates are seduced in their tourist circuits. And it ends up offering in the boutique vineyards of the south of Chile with an innovative assembly that will open your mouth to new experiences.

Discover in our following blogs each of the valleys with the best wines of Chile.

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