One hour from the port of San Antonio is one of the newest wine regions in Chile: the San Antonio Valley. Their vineyards refer to the production of white wines, but they are also present in their quality and flavor. The wineries Casa Marín, Garcés Silva, Leyda and Matética focus on the production of premium wines, recognized both nationally and internationally.

You can use your visit to the Valparaíso Region to visit San Antonio’s vineyards: its facilities have a first-rate infrastructure for tours and new wine routes in Chile.

Famous for the Black Pine and Sauvignon Blanc strains. This valley is characterized by its cold climate and moderate rainfall that give it a unique characteristic to the grape that grows in these resources and beautiful lands.

Due to the characteristics of a natural landscape of fields and sea breeze, new and refreshing flavors are used in Valle de Leyda, combined with coastal soils and temperatures. Click on one of the most particular valleys in the central zone.

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