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Amarga area Torres del Paine Chile
Amarga area at Torres del Paine National Park

Enjoy this photographic trip in the Torres del Paine National Park, and allow you to admire the beauty of its topography and its abundant flora and fauna. Some of the attractions you will visit are the Laguna Amarga area, where you can see the Torres del Paine peaks, and also visit the Cuernos del Paine viewpoint, Salto Grande, Lake Pehoe, Lake Nordenskjöld, Cerro Condor Viewpoint, Administration. Conaf office, where there is a magnificent model of this World Biosphere Reserve and Gray Lake with its wonderful floating icebergs in the lake.
We will begin our navigation towards the Gray glacier through the lake with the same name, among many floating icebergs of different shapes and nuances. Onboard the Gray II L / M, passengers arrive at the front wall of the gray glacier, an impressive natural wonder within the Great Southern Ice Field. This is one of the largest reservoirs of water on the planet. Here you can enjoy a delicious Pisco Sour with ice of 12,000 years!

All this and more in a trip you can not miss with us!

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