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Tierra del Fuego Island is one of the most remote places in Chile. It’s also one of the least visited, even by Chileans themselves. But they are so far away! It seems like an unreachable destiny at the end of the world, far from “civilization” and with not much to see and do. We are here to convince you otherwise: this is destiny that must be on your favorites list and there ARE lots to do in Tierra del Fuego.

Tierra del Fuego Island is a wonderful and very special place, they call it the “Patagonia Desert” and with a lot of reason. It’s a mixture of wildlife from the Chilean high plateau (another destination you can not miss) and the infinite landscapes of the Chilean Patagonia. In here paved roads do not exist and guanacos and foxes take the roads because it is part of their habitat.

And, as icing of the cake, at Tierra del Fuego Island lives the only King Penguin colony of South-America. They live freely in Bahía Inútil and you can visit them at the Penguin King Park (King Penguin Park), a little bit more of 100 kms from Porvenir. This is one of the main activities to do in Tierra del Fuego and we’ll explain with details in a bit.

Before traveling, we had no idea of ​​what to do in Tierra del Fuego, so do not feel bad if you do not know either. We went, as some would say, “clueless”. With not much preparation nor expectations. We just had a long weekend and cheap flights, so we did not doubt taking this huge chance. We rented a vehicle (the best way to travel the island) and started our adventure, not knowing what we would find.

On this article you can find out what activities to do in Tierra del Fuego and we’ll give you details of this remote island. Here we go!

Why to go to the Tierra del Fuego Island?

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