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Green Lagoon, located in the Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park on the international route 225 Ch Puerto Varas – Ensenada is a fully accessible path that leads to a lagoon of 560 m2 of intense green color product of algae that live in suspension. It also offers an alternative route not accessible as an additional walk.

The path itself will take you from the start without obstacles to the lagoon and two viewpoints with rest areas.

This lagoon has an intense emerald green color, the edges are lava that falls abruptly, giving it great depth. The lagoon is surrounded by very attractive paths, in different directions, always under leafy vegetation. Undoubtedly, its beauty contemplates pure nature. As another parallel attraction of the lagoon, it is easy to see and interact with Foxes.

Undoubtedly, the decision to make this path with characteristics of universal accessibility added quality to the project and the possibility of being visited not only by people with disabilities but also with comfort and safety for families with cars for children and seniors. It’s worth getting sidetracked on the way and enjoy the scenery and walk.

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