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The Lookout of Cóndores, sector Alfalfal, Cajón del Maipo, is a trekking to be done all year long and it reaches a high place and great cliffs where the condors usually nest, so it is easy to visualize them in their maximum splendor.

The trekking in general is not of high complexity, but it does require some experience and a good mountain footwear to avoid slipping in the areas of greater unevenness of the terrain.

To get there we must go to the Alfalfal, Cajón del Maipo. Access to this sector is left hand about 12 kilometers after Vizcachas, coming from Santiago (do not take the detour to Toyo). From the detour to the G-345 route, approximately 19 kilometers are traveled to the Three Hundred ravine, an eye that has no name, but you must pay attention to the mileage, it is one of the many Strabag centers along the way (I think the 5th ). To park you can do it on the left side of the road where the space is wider a few meters past the ravine.

The beginning of the trekking is in the same ravine on the right and climbing where there is a wooden gate. From there the road is well marked and marked with the traces of people who have visited it.

The route is a total of 5 kilometers approximately only going up, passing through sectors where we can find grazing animals such as goats and the distinctive vegetation of the area. In summer-autumn it is somewhat drier, but I think that in winter and spring the landscape should be even more wonderful.

Walk along a clear path of slight slope to a rocky plane at the edge of a cliff. This site is a splendid viewpoint of condors, since it is located just above the known condors (nesting sites) of the area. The birds fly by a very short distance. There is also a good view of the upper Colorado valley.

This is a place that you certainly can not miss if you want to do something natural near Santiago, where you can be part of a wonderful experience asadandote with the flight of these beautiful and impressive birds.

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