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In the Maule Region and only 3 and a half hours from Santiago is the Radal 7 Tazas National Park. The park has about 4,000 Hec. where a large part of this is under tourist protection and that is mainly aimed at the Young and the Young Adult due to the extensive land it offers to explore, although it also has facilities and activities for all ages.
This destination has a wide variety of alternatives for backpackers and trekking enthusiasts, from a couple of kilometers of trails to circuits lasting several days. Enjoy contact with nature in a park that has something for everyone.

As we mentioned the main activities of the Park is trekking and has many routes established by CONAF ranging from 300 meters to reach the viewpoint of the 7 cups, up to 15 km. If you arrive at the park you can not miss its natural attractions such as El Salto de la Leona, Salto 7 Tazas, Salto Velo de la Novia, Valle del Indio and the English Park. For those who are knowledgeable in the field and have the necessary equipment, they can go mountain biking and kayaking.

This Park was created, in its new category of national park, on March 27, 2008.

It stands out for the protection of wildlife species such as pudu, chingue and Chilean partridge. In what has flora is concerned, highlight olivillo, raulí, oak, coigüe and laurel. The predominant ecosystems correspond to the coironales (high Andean steppe of the Maule) and the deciduous forest, formed by species like oak, raulí, ñirre and hualo, covering between both, great part of the surface of the park.

Its main hiking trails are:

– Valle del Indio: 15 kilometers. Duration on foot: all day. This trail is made, to a large extent, under the deciduous forest and, at the end, it passes through the high Andean meadow of the unit .;
– The Chiquillanes: 7 km. Duration on foot: 5 hours. All the route is made under the oak forest which allows a good walk without great problem of sun exposure;
– La Montañita: 1 km. Duration on foot: 2 hours. Drive under the forest of oaks and other tree species that give a lot of shade;
– Salto La Leona: 1,200 meters. Duration on foot: 2 hours. This trail shows the spectacularity of the Seven Cups and then reaches one of the great waterfalls;
– The Coigüe: 1 km. Duration on foot: 1 hour. The trail starts in the Los Robles camping area and goes through a centenary coigüe forest and in part of its route allows you to see the English Park itself and other places of great attraction;
– Universal trail: 300 meters. It allows people in wheelchairs, through a wooden platform, to reach an excellent viewpoint towards the Seven Cups. This has as an annex hygienic services suitable for universal use.

It must be taken into account that during the winter season the park may close due to snowfalls or other meteorological phenomena.

If you are near Santiago and want to escape to the natural this is a good alternative.

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