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The Los Lagos region is characterized by having many tributaries of water, from the sea, lakes and countless rivers. In this opportunity we want to tell you about one of the waterfalls that is not so famous touristy but that it is worth knowing and seeing its beauty, we speak of the Salto de La Olla.

This jump is located in Pilmaiquen, between Entrelagos and Osorno. the height of the jump is about 20 meters approximately, and has some rocky forms on its slopes, these take a reddish coloration very striking, this gives an interesting tonality, which together with its crystal clear waters and the lush green vegetation of the place, makes that the photographs are always full of intense colors.

During the year changes the intensity of its current, having stations where it is only a thread of water in summer and a tremendous waterfall in winter.

There is a road to Puyehue, before there is a village called Pilmaiquen and about 4 km away there is the electric dam.
Enter through a gate walk about 400 meters and you will find Los saltos. The access point is very easy but it must be by car.

If you love waterfalls and come to Chile, we recommend it.

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