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Estaquilla is a small fishing cove located 112 km west of the city of Puerto Montt. The first modern settlers arrived in this area only in 1933 artisanal fishermen currently dedicated mainly to the cultivation of the “Loco” mollusc, a type of Abalone or Sea Snail very desired by its tasty meat, a native species that grows from the south of Peru to Tierra de Fuego in Chile. 150 people live in the cove and there are 35 boats.

The still unexplored nature in the coastal area of ​​Los Muermos is one of the points with potential for tourism development in the Los Lagos Region.
There are around 500 people who live in Estaquilla, next to the sea and live on benthic activity. The landscape in the sector is different from what is seen in the region, or another point of the country.

Among the main attractions of this area are the Estaquilla viewpoint, Bay Estaquilla with its turquoise clear waters, Puntilla Estaquilla and its islets Tenedor, Estaca and Estaquilla portentosas rock formations, Huar Huar a beautiful beach of more 3 kms long with dunes and forests and the Coastal Path that aims to unite Chile from north to south along its coasts, in this zone in its first stage some sections are only for 4×4 cars.

The Punta Estaquilla beach is of a monumental beauty due, mainly, to its green islets that break with the current of the sea. Here everything hits the eye, from the houses that hang from gorges in front of the water to the crooked coast hit by waves.

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