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This incredible corner of the Chilean desert, is located in the south of Antofagasta and is part of a unique circuit that culminates in a point of height from where you can appreciate the sunset over the city. To get there you must walk along the train line towards La Negra to the bridge, where you will see the entrance to Quebrada Carrizo, the beginning of a beautiful trail of colorful rock formations and an hour long.

It’s about 45 minutes uphill, and it’s the same time of descent, always quiet, not in a hurry, always hydrating.

If you like outdoor activities, love the desert, or want to discover more beautiful corners of this land, this is an unforgettable landscape.

If you are for the place this tour is a must, with great views of the desert and the city that can certainly give you a unique view of the sunset.

Learn more about Chile and its wonders with us.

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