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This route hides some of the most beautiful corners of the Cordillera Maulina, not for nothing is known as the “Patagonia of the Central Zone”. In the cajón del Achibueno nature is in a virgin and unexplored state; forests, rivers, waterfalls and mountains receive their visitors. The road to the lagoon is also a little traveled route, very few have reached the base of the Achibueno river. There are no camping areas or shelters on this route, it is you, your tent and nature.

This route has a duration of 5 days of walking, duration that can vary in case you want to spend a few more days camping in the sector (there are excellent places to camp and enjoy nature). The main obstacle of this route are the conditions of the same in some sections of the road to the lagoon, where the footprint is not clear or must be walked by steep and loose stone segments. The crossing of the Achibueno river can also be a difficulty, since the rudimentary bridges can not be found there when making the route, which can generate confusion, and depending on the conditions and the time of year, the river can be found a high level, which makes crossing difficult.

Given that this route is in an isolated and little traveled area, it is advisable to have some experience before doing it and traveling accompanied.

The path that leads to the lagoon where the river is born is a beautiful and little traveled route, ideal for experienced backpackers in search of an intimate contact with nature.

Continue to meet natural corners of our country with us!

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