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This lagoon is almost 90 kilometers away from San Pedro de Atacama to the south and then to the south east by the Guaitiquina pass to Argentina, the last 20 kilometers of road before reaching the lagoon is dirt road, which they travel to a height of more than 4,000 meters above sea level, in a cold and windy climate.

The lagoon, although it is not of great surface, seems to be a true mirage when it suddenly appears among the hills in that inhospitable place, of which I could not help but call attention to several skeletons of camelids that lie on the shores of the lagoon.

Recommendation, go prepared in optimal conditions for this type of environment, as any complication at that height and little traveled place can be transformed into the adventure of their lives.

However, it is still a wonderful place nestled in the immensity of the Andes, powerful expression of the Pachamama Atacameña, optimal for people who love adventure and exploration.

This is a salty lagoon with a view of the Chiliques, Láscar, Aguas Calientes and Acamarachi volcanoes.

Being in the Chilean highlands, the vegetation that surrounds the Lejía lagoon is limited to bofedales and straw, which become food for llamas, alpacas and vicuñas, which can be seen very easily on the edge of the road.

This region was occupied by the Aymaras, so there are various vestiges of pre-Columbian cultures such as altars built in stone and sanctuaries in the highest hills. It is still possible to find small villages that are dedicated to grazing and weaving.

The lagoon is a wonder that exists in the north of our country, you can learn more about Chile with us!

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