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In the pre-cordilleran area at 2,000 meters above sea level, near San Clemente and just 135 kilometers east of Talca, this great valley is easily accessible. It crosses the Maule River which forms pools and beautiful waterfalls, has an abundance of fish and is very refreshing during the summer since the valley is very hot and dry in this season.

In this place there is no tree that can shade or protect you from the wind, however, the rocks themselves can help. The best season to visit this place is from October to May since, being premountain range, in winter it is all snowed.

It is a dream for all who visit it as it gives the impression that you are walking on Mars and you feel in a film that few have had the privilege of seeing. The valley has alternatives for all tastes and levels of climbing, with great walls with about 400 routes, both sporting and traditional and Boulder.

The Valley of the Condors was developed in two stages. In 2008, the ambitious project of equipping 72 sports and traditional routes formed in three zones: the Great Wall, the Talca wall and the White Monks. After five years, several young visionaries (from the Escalando magazine, GEAM group, Rocanbolt and the Association of Andinismo de Talca) wanted to enlarge their megaproject by equipping more than twice the initial routes.

For this incredible initiative we have to thank this group of adventurers who did it just for the love of the art of climbing, love that unites us all to enjoy nature, get us out of the city and share this strong passion.

The first stage was in charge of the magazine Escalando and Gonzalo Riobo with Talquinos climbers of the GEAM group of the University of Talca by Cristián Lobos and Carlos Espinoza. The second stage was thanks to Roncabolt with associations of Andinismo de Talca.

To enjoy this paradise, certain rules were established in order to keep the place in good condition.

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