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Many are unaware that in the current province of Chiloé there was a volcanic caldera millions of years ago that allowed the upwelling of different types of magma in different periods, or that the area where the city of Ancud is located, is located on two important formations of the called the Ancud Volcanic Complex of the Miocene epoch (around 20 million years ago).

It is precisely this past that allowed the formation of those spectacular basalt columns located west of Ancud and other geological elements that give shape to various hills and coastal cliffs around the city.

One of them is the sector of Duhatao, a small town of shellfish gatherers and gatherers in the commune of Ancud inserted in the middle of a large native forest and on the shores of the Pacific Ocean.

Here its rugged relief offers a true spectacle that can be known through trails and natural viewpoints that are part of the “Chilean Trail”.

In Duhatao, you will find from extensive sectors of fields with intense colors and reliefs, to cliffs and finally forests, in which the sound of the ocean gives way to the singing of chucaos, fio-fios, rayaditos or hummingbirds.

How to get?
It is quite simple. From Ancud you can arrive by private car on the w20 route, which is then connected at approximately kilometer 12, with the w220 route. There are also buses that take you from Ancud to Pumillahue, where you have to take a taxi to Duhatao.

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