The Huemul Lagoon: The reflection of the green heights.

The Laguna del Huemul trekking route is one of the most attractive routes in the Bio Bio Region, combining beautiful landscapes and views while climbing to the summit of Cerro Las Cabras, at 1950 meters above sea level, where the lagoon awaits us. Give the name to this circuit. This is a great destination whether you are looking for a one day trek or camping and spend more time in contact with nature.

This route lasts 1 day (approximately 7 hours of walking), although you have the possibility to camp and enjoy more days of the place. The main obstacle of this route is the physical effort required, both for the steep slope in some sections of the road, and for the duration of the circuit (7 hours of walking including the ascent and descent of a hill).

The Huemul Lagoon Route stands out for the beautiful and panoramic views of volcanoes, valleys and, of course, the lagoon that is located on the top of the hill. This is one of the most beautiful lagoons of the central valleys, and there is nothing better than crowning the ascent with a good dip in its waters.

Without a doubt, it is a walk that many things give, beautiful and ancient forests, hills where you look and view active volcanoes!
You can not miss this magnificent route!

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