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The Alerce Costero National Park is located in the Los Ríos Region, between the communes of La Unión and Corral, provinces of Valdivia and Ranco, Los Ríos region. It was created in October 2010.

This Park stands out for the protection of the endemic flora and fauna species, due to the fact that in glacial times it served as a refuge for life to the wild life, being able to find unique species of the area.

Its main natural attraction is the Alences Millenarian Grandfather, exemplary with more than 3500 years on our planet.

The landscape is characterized by large areas of evergreen forests, some of them in a very good state of conservation. There are small remnants of millennial alerzales, especially in the southern sector of the park, while large areas are occupied by larch altered by large historic fires, which give rise to the name “Cordillera Pelada” by which this part of the Cordillera is commonly known of the coast. The place is conducive to the realization of hiking activities, horseback riding, and has several viewpoints or places for the observation of flora, fauna and landscapes. It is a particularly attractive site for mountain biking.

Each corner of this park and each step taken in the sample shows the important history of conservation of the endemic flora and fauna of the area, which undoubtedly is a place that can not be missed while in this southern region of the country.

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