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One hour from San Pedro de Atacama, there are the Escondidas Lagoons of Baltinache. Seven bodies of transparent turquoise water, which in contrast to the white of the salt flat, make this one of the most incredible landscapes in Chile.

Millions of years ago, the great Salar de Atacama was a huge lake that became dry and isolated over time. On its surface, 100 kilometers long and 80 kilometers wide, there are some lagoons that dazzle for their unique beauty. The turquoise lagoons with the Cordillera de la Sal behind create a surreal landscape.

Baltinache is part of the well-known Escondidas lagoons, a group of 7 salty lagoons found in the Antofagasta Region a few kilometers from San Pedro de Atacama.

Its waters are saline and crystalline, similar to the Céjar Lagoon and two of them are suitable for bathing, converting to this place, it is one of the most attractive of the II Region for its landscapes and for the experience of bathing in lagoons where the Human body can float due to the high amount of salt.

The landscapes surrounding the Baltinache lagoon and the other 6 lagoons are impressive, especially at dusk: when the sun goes down there is a reddish landscape in the whole area, a wonder that is in Chile.

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