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While some of the most famous temperate rain forests are in Alaska, New Zealand or northern Europe, the jungle of this southernmost type of the world is found in Chile and is named Selva Valdiviana.

This eco-region is in the southwest of Chile and is characterized by a strongly rainy climate and evergreen forests that are home to a unique fauna and flora, such as the ancient araucarias and larches.

La Selva Valdiviana is a refuge of biodiversity that was isolated for millions of years, being today the closest way to see how dinosaurs used to live, magically transports you to places within the history of our planet.

La Selva Valdiviana is one of the natural treasures of our country, beautiful temperate rain forests that develop under very special geographical and climatic conditions.

With characteristics of a tropical forest, but located in a temperate region, the Valdivian Forest constitutes a unique type of forest in all Latin America. These extensive and green forests date back hundreds of years and have an amazing flora and fauna unique in Chile. A must for lovers of nature.

Without a doubt it is a place where you can feel one with nature and enjoy everything that she can give you.

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