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Uninhabited islands with impressive animal presence and white sand beaches is what the Humboldt Penguins National Reserve offers, union of the Chañaral, Damas and Choros islands.

On the islands you can connect with nature by finding yourself face to face with sea lions, bottlenose dolphins and the Humboldt penguin that forms its colonies in this area and gives its name to the reserve.

If you go in warm season, between October and April, you may even see firsthand giant humpback whales, blue and fin.

In addition to admiring the beautiful beaches of the Damas Island, you can also rest in them, dive in its waters and walk its trails until you reach viewpoints with spectacular views of the reserve while the sun goes down in the sea.

The ecosystem is varied and with characteristics that make it unique, especially for its endemism. There are 59 species of vascular plants among which stand out yellow Añañucas, Lilies (Alstromeria philippi), Eulichnia acida var, Procumbens and others.

There are also 68 species of terrestrial vertebrates, among mammals are the Chungungo, Wolf of a hair, Wolf of two hairs, Dolphins Bottle Nose and the sporadic presence of Whales and Sperm Whales.

The birds are the most abundant and among them is the Humboldt Penguin, The Yunco Duck, Lile Duck, Guanay, all protected species and in conservation categories.

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