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The natural beauty of Chile in its 4,000 kms. of the coast, with its omnipresent Andes mountain range, the diversity of its landscapes and climates, make an obligation for tourism and the protection of the environment in Chile the care of unique natural treasures such as the magical Atacama desert, the lush forests of native flora and magnificent glaciers at the end of the world.

But that is not all, Chile can also presume to be one of the countries with the largest amount of wild and virgin territories in the world. Within its vast territory, our country has more than 14 million hectares protected, either within National Parks, National Reserves and National Monuments.

That is, 19% of the territory is equivalent to areas protected by the State. This impressive statistic demonstrates Chile’s commitment to the conservation, protection and preservation of the Environment, its flora and fauna.

Speaking of sustainable tourism, nowadays, is no longer a novelty. Many countries have opted for a friendly and sustainable tourism that advocates the preservation and respect of the natural environment, and Chile is not left behind, responding to the needs in a committed and active way.

Even so, there are many challenges ahead, but progress is made in the matter given that the immense variety of National Parks and Reserves open the route for ecofriendly tourism.

Maintaining a constant protection of the environment, not only guarantees the long life for all the species that inhabit it, but also ensures the welfare of future generations in each of them, so it is interesting to make this a habit which, instead of deteriorating, is translated into improving day-to-day conditions.

Within Chile’s efforts to conserve and preserve the environment, there are several organizations dedicated to protecting the Natural and Cultural Heritage of Chile. The National System of Protected Wild Areas of the State (SNASPE) is responsible for the care of ecosystems, soils, forests, fauna and landscapes.

The SNASPE has declared numerous territories and periodically incorporates protected areas in order to safeguard the flora and fauna of the places, as well as important archaeological evidences linked to pre-Columbian peoples.

Inside the National Parks, Reserves or Natural Monuments, the CONAF (National Forestry Corporation) does a great job trying to maintain and protect the great natural heritage that Chile has.

That is why, important steps have been taken to promote the development of sustainable hotels and the improvement of ecotourism in the country. In addition, the National Tourism Service (SERNATUR) grants the S seal for hotels that respect the environment and special permits are required for guides and tour operators in wilderness areas protected by the State.

Our country has already set itself the objective of sustainable tourism and the promotion of the protection of the natural environment in many different ways.

Come and meet and discover what Chile has to offer.

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