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Cueva del Puma and sector Tucúquere, ancestral rocks and climbing destinations discovered in 1962 in Torres del Paine, today have been enabled with new anchorages 100% safe, opening a total of 8 routes of climbing of varying difficulty, for tourists and athletes starting of 6 years.

Reserva Cerro Paine also launched new routes for bicycles, this time enabling a special circuit for people with motor disabilities, with the support of guides and a special chair, provided by Wheel the World. Located in the eastern access of the Torres del Paine National Park, the Cerro Paine Reserve opens this summer climbing routes for children, beginners and experts. The sites are in the vicinity of Cueva del Puma and Sector Tucúquere, rocks from ancestral times discovered in 1962 by the first climbers of the place.

In the month of April, both routes in the rock were re-equipped and enabled for ascents with different levels of difficulty and considering the wind speed and extreme temperatures.

The new climbing routes have become an attraction for excellent athletes, amateurs and children who start in this discipline.

Climbing Cueva del Puma has three routes aimed mainly at experts, due to the slope against the cave, and with great potential to continue implementing new approaches.

For its part, the Tucúqure climb, which owes its name to a Magellan owl characteristic of the area, has evolutionary routes in difficulty, ideal for the School format.

Among the requirements, we suggest good physical condition, small backpack, sunscreen, sunglasses, warm light clothing and trekking shoes.

In addition, inclusive tourism experiences have been sought for people with visual, cognitive, auditory and physical disabilities. In the latter, he accompanied paralympic Australian sportsman Chris Alp, a paraplegic since he was 12 years old, on a trip with a wheelchair adapted for all terrain.

The chair, provided by Wheel the World, is now available for a bicycle circuit within the Reserve.

Cerro Paine Reserve

It is a natural and cultural reserve located in the heart of Torres del Paine National Park, in the southernmost region of Chile. Its mission is to inspire people with the Patagonian nature and culture, seeking a sustainable and world-class vision.

It has the Hotel Las Torres Patagonia and Fantastic South, which manages 5 sectors for camping / shelter, located at the entrance of the National Park, which is why it is part of most of the circuits that are made in the area, such as W or Paine Grande, and O.

The fauna of the region includes pumas, huemules, guanacos, condors, Andean quirquinchos, chingues, foxes, among other spices; while the flora stands out for the generous presence of lengas, coigues, ñirres, coirón, calafate, among others.

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