The Enchanted Forest

The Bosque Encantado trail is located within the Queulat National Park, which in turn is part of the National System of Wild Areas Protected by the State, on the Carretera Austral.

The entrance to the trail is about 180 kilometers north of Coyhaique and 45 kilometers from Puerto Cisnes. It is a natural attraction of thousands of years, which contains a unique wealth of flora and fauna. For those who practice trekking, this is one of the must-see spots in southern Chile.

This path of medium difficulty lasts approximately two hours, where you can learn about the biodiversity characteristic of the Evergreen Forest, with centuries-old forests of coihues, mañíos, mosses and lichens.

You can find an open area of ​​moraine wrapped in bushes, which clearly reminds us of the glacier pass through the valley that is today crossed by the Cascadas River.

Walking along this rocky path, you will reach the lagoon popularly known as “El Duende” or “El Gnomo”, fed by El Pudú snowdrift, which is abundant with icebergs that break off from the ice mass above the glacial cirque. .

Its most outstanding attractions are: Centennial forests, among which are coihues (Nothofagus dombeyi), mañíos (Podocarpus nubigena), mosses and lichens; In addition to the Cascadas river and El Duende lagoon

Its year of Creation: October 13, 1983. It has a Total surface: 1,700 meters approximately.
Path located within the Queulat National Park, in the provinces of Aysén and Coyhaique.
Nearby localities: Puyuhuapi, Puerto Cisnes and Lago Verde.

In the Enchanting Forest you can do trekking, contemplation of flora and fauna and photography.

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