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Pupuya is a Chilean locality, located in the VI Region of Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins. It is located about 180 kilometers southwest of Santiago, and belongs administratively to the Christmas commune, within the Cardenal Caro province. It is located next to other small towns of the central littoral, such as Puertecillo, Navidad, La Boca, Matanzas, La Vega de Pupuya, and Las Brisas, all near the mouth of the Rapel River in the Pacific Ocean.

Lover of the sport adventure, the sea and the adrenaline? Come and visit Boca de Pupuya, with its ideal beaches for water sports.

Sail around the islet of Pupuya, refuge of incredible species such as pelicans and sea lions; and challenge your limits by practicing surfing, kite surfing and windsurfing. And to end the day, watch the sunset enjoying exquisite preparations of marine products.

The coast of Playa Pupuya is enriched by a characteristic islet populated by sea lions and pelicans. The islet, difficult to access for boats, has been declared a Nature Sanctuary. Pupuya Beach also stands out for its peculiar rock formations; among them, the best known is Los Arcos.

If you travel to Playa Pupuya, you can evaluate an excursion to the wetland of the Rapel river, in La Boca, very popular with nature lovers. The Pupuya Beach sector is also known by cyclists, as it offers good possibilities for mountain bike rides. The best season to travel is summer: the weather in the Pupuya Beach sector is Mediterranean, with a rainy season from April to October.

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