Live the hiking experience in the mountains of the Cochamo Valley

Cheryl, Sarah and Shuko at Amphitheatro, Cochamo Valley

Before the 1990s, only the farmer, some settlers, the rumors of Butch Cassidy and the occasional tourist passed through the Cochamó Valley or Cochamó Valley. Only since the late 1990s, hikers and climbers began to walk and climb amid waterfalls, turquoise pools, 1000-meter walls and snow-capped peaks. His stories of this Yosemite-like valley have brought many more to follow and, in turn, his ecological views have helped preserve this valley as a tourist destination and not threatened by the wooden courtyard or hydroelectric plant center. Both ecological threats approached reality, although fortunately they stopped.

As long as it is a walk and not a car trip, the gems of the valley will remain intact, its quiet forests vibrate with life and its granite walls are a recreational destination for everyone to enjoy.

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Come and discover with us the natural, cultural and adventure wonders that Cochamo Valley it has for you.

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