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Petrohue falls Chile

Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park is a protected area framed by the Andes mountain range, and located in southern Chile. It was created in 1926 in honor of the prominent public man Vicente Pérez Rosales, being the oldest Chilean national park.

It has an area of ​​253,780 hectares and altitudes ranging from 50 to 3491 meters above sea level. Its western entrance is close to the town of Ensenada, 72 km northeast of Puerto Montt and 64 km from Puerto Varas.

It is part of the rainforest temperate forests biosphere reserve of the Southern Andes.

The park contains extensions of virgin forest with large extensions covered with native trees such as coigues, ulmos, olivillos and arrayanes.

The park is bordering with Argentina, and within its extension is the Todos los Santos lake. The lake impacts by the particular emerald green color of its waters, as well as being surrounded by three imposing snow-capped volcanoes, which also belong to the park: the Osorno volcano, the Puntiagudo volcano and the Tronador hill.

In its interior is the Petrohué river, known for the jumps of the same name, where the river’s torrent glides over large stones. In the place there are demarcated various hiking trails that go into the native forest.

This landscape diversity and the dominant presence of its volcanoes, have made this park one of the main destinations of the Los Lagos region, since within its limits the visitor can not only observe the landscape, walk or observe the flora and the fauna of the area, if not you can also enjoy the thermal baths, skiing, boat trips and fishing, among other things.

Petrohue falls Chile
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