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El Morado Glacier

Chile is a world epicenter for tourists of all ages and nationalities who enjoy adventure sports such as mountain climbing, water sports, trekking and many more. Thanks to Chile’s peculiar geography, these disciplines can be carried out in the best natural conditions.

The diversity of natural resources has catapulted Chile to the heights of the most sought-after destinations in the world of adventure sports. Awarded five consecutive times as the “Best Adventure Tourism Destination” in South America by the World Travel Awards (WTA), Chile was recently awarded second place by the prestigious Adventure Tourism Development Index 2020.

The wide range of tourist services around these activities, ranging from rafting down one of the largest rivers in South America, climbing active volcanoes, or surfing waves of up to six meters. Similarly, you can trek along cliffs, ski a circuit only for professionals with slopes of up to 50 meters, ice swim, and fly over the imposing Villarrica volcano in a wingsuit.

Some expert sportsmen reveal their secrets and tell us about their most complete experiences in their various disciplines. It goes without saying that Chile is a destination for risk, adrenaline, and wild, pristine nature fans.

Mountain climbing
Climbing for hours, trekking slopes, withstanding imposing and long gusts of cold wind, and acclimatizing to the altitude are some of the challenges that great mountain climbers overcome when they decide to adventure into the depths of the mountains.

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