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Certificates and National Registries

Dear travelers:

We are proud to present some of our Certifications and National Registers granted by the Government of Chile and other certifications earned with effort and sacrifice over the years.

We encourage you to request tourist guides and companies that are registered and certified by Chile National Tourism authorities!   You will be helping companies and guides who are striving to comply with all safety standards during your journey, and with the Chilean Laws.  Ensuring trips with certified guides and companies you, your family and friends will have a safer journey and beautiful experiences… that is our Goal!

Thanks for your effort and visit our beautiful land called … Chile!


Andres & Team PaslexChile

Click on any certificate to enlarge it!

Bachelor in Business Administration in Tourism

Registered as an “Adventure Tourism Services” Provider at Chile’s National Tourism Service, Reg: 9442 & 21621

Local Tour Operator – National Reg: 9447

Professional Tour Guide – National Reg: 5622 – Chile

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