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A Message from our owner,
Andres Oyarzun Gonzalez

Andres Oyarzún Gonzalez

¡Hola! Thanks for your interest in seeing our magnificent country of Chile. Whichever part you choose to visit, you will not be disappointed—from the mystical Atacama Desert in the north to the fierce and awesome Torres Del Paine and Tierra del Fuego in South Patagonia.

This is my country! Like those on my staff, I was born surrounded by the great Andes mountain range, volcanoes, evergreen forests, lakes, rivers, and farms. The baqueanos* and gauchos** gave me their knowledge and taught me to love and respect our roots. I live with my wife and two children in Puerto Varas, Chile, on the shores of Llanquihue Lake, in beautiful North Patagonia.

I have been working in travel services and guiding for more than 20 years. My training and experience in this field are extensive. I am also a teacher and consultant on Rural Tourism in my region.

My staff and I are passionate about showing you the ‘real’ Chile—the land and the people. We specialize in providing safe, friendly and professional service to individuals or groups for a day’s shore excursion (for cruise ship travelers) or complete, multi-day programs (for land travelers), in all parts of Chile (and beyond). I promise you, we’ll do our utmost to make yours the best life experience ever!

¡Esperamos su visita! (We look forward to your visit!)


*baqueano: a very “skilled person” with intimate knowledge of the land and its resources. He knows perfect directions in remote areas and how to find shelter and food. A baqueano possesses a thousand tricks learned in the hard school of nature. The perfect “local guide”.

**gaucho: a herdsman or horseman; a ranch hand; similar to a cowboy

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Our Company

By letting our company meet your vacation needs:Andres Profile Picture

  • You will be dealing with locals who have in-depth knowledge of the area,
  • You will eliminate expensive overhead, giving you more value for your money,
  • You will be contributing directly to local communities— individuals and families who are eager to show you their land.

Discover the most interesting places in Chile with our unique tours, packages, customized itineraries and more.

Discover Chile guided by people born and raised in the places they would love to show you.  They are local experts with an extensive knowledge of their history and culture.

We can accommodate all budgets!

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Company name: Patagonia SouthernLand Expeditions — Chile
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Founder: R. Andrés Oyarzún González
Mobile: (56)(9)-75840256





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