10 Reasons to visit Chile in the summer

Viu Manent Vineyard horse cart ride Chile

Viu Manent Vineyard horse cart ride Chile

The Chilean summer, like most other southern hemisphere countries, runs from December through to February.
While visits to the north of the country are little affected by the changing of the seasons, it’s important to plan your trip according to the time of year if you want to visit the central and southern zones of Chile because the weather varies greatly.

Here’s a list of ten reasons why visiting Chile in the summer months is a good idea. Do any of them inspire you to start make reservations? See Our Tours to all these recommended trip ideas in Our Country.

Reason 1: 76% of South America’s glaciers are in Chile and summer’s the best season to explore them.

Reason 2: Enjoy clear views across the Torres Del Paine National Park.

Reason 3: Refresh in the warmer waters of the beaches in the north.

Reason 4: Explore vineyards by bike and savour our wine in the open air.

Reason 5: It’s an excellent season to discover the various locations along the Carretera Austral.

Reason 6: Santiago comes to life thanks to range of cultural activities.

Reason 7: Enjoy all the watersports activities that Chile has to offer.

Reason 8: Try a glass of “mote con huesillo”, a tasty Chilean drink.

Reason 9: Relax in the thermal baths that can be found across the entire country.

Reason 10: Take advantage of the warm climate and travel south to Puerto Varas.

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