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A few kilometers away from Puerto Tranquilo, in the Aysén Region, lies one of the most popular and visited glaciers of southern Chile. A great cape of ice that has been part of our landscape for many millennia and that is currently one of the most important attractions of the area.

Just as its name says it, the Exploradores Glacier allows visitors to have a unique experience and walk through the glacier itself. It is possible to walk across long ice fields, as well as being surrounded by giant ice walls, exploring tunnels and caves that are present throughout the glacier.

In order to enjoy this experience it is necessary to hire a tour. There are many tourism agencies that offer tours for the day. Most of them begin this journey from the town of Puerto Tranquilo; then, they will be begin an one hour drive through the Exploradores Valley. The length of this journey offers an incredible view, which allows to witness the change of landscapes, going from a dense forests to beautiful glaciers and waterfalls.

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