Hidden Lagoons of Baltinache

The landscapes surrounding the Baltinache lagoon and the other 6 lagoons are impressive, especially at dusk: when the sun goes down there is a reddish landscape in the whole area, a wonder that is in Chile.

Uyuni — Atacama Adventure

REGION: Northern Chile – Bolivia Altiplano and Central Chile.
ACTIVITY LEVEL: 3-5 (Medium to High, not strenuous, but long trails over irregular terrain.)
SUMMARY: Customized 5-day tour of the Bolivian Altiplano and 4-day tour of Chile. In Bolivia, visit Tupiza, Uyuni, Colchani, Uyuni Salt Flat Lake, Siloli Desert, Reserve Eduardo Abaroa, the Dali Desert and several lagoons, observing the flora and fauna of the areas. In Northern Chile, we include the following tours: Atacama Salt Flat – Altiplano Lagoons – Toconao Village; Atacama Desert Archaeological Excursion; Atacama—Valle de la Luna (Valley of the Moon; Tatio Geysers––Machuca Village; and Santiago City Tour—Markets and Los Dominicos Village.
DURATION: 9 days

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